Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reuniting with comedian Jo Koy

Back in 2003, we had our farewell show in Fullerton before leaving to the Philippines to continue our music career. One of the opening acts in our farewell show was Jo Koy, a well-known comedian now, who can be seen all over the world and even appearing regularly on the Chelsey Lately show. Even though I didn't get to hear his stand up that night as I was getting ready for our own act, all I could hear was people just saying how hilarious he was and how this guy was going to make it big! I was like, "who is this guy"?
Last year, I was sitting on the couch just switching the channels finding something to watch and I see this special on Comedy Central "Don't Make Him Angry" with Jo Koy (now on DVD). I was blown away, not only was he on tv, but HIS OWN one-hour special. How crazy was that. So of course I had to watch it and all I got to say is THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS! If you haven't seen it yet, BUY IT HERE!
Since then, I've been waiting for an opportunity to watch him live as soon as he gets in the area and that date finally arrived on Feb 13th at the Irvine Improv. Again, he blew me away, making my stomach hurt with every single joke! Towards the end of his show, he decided he wanted to do a talent show. Crazy, right? So he started asking the crowd if there's anyone who can sing to come up on stage. I was like, great here we go... I know all our friends are going to call out "Devotion" even though we haven't performed together in years and only 4 of us were there, (sorry Ian, wish you were there!). Fortunately we were dodging the bullets after a few people went up to sing, including our good friend Kei from 3rd Avenue. (Good job Kei! You did great!)
Just as I thought we almost got away from singing on stage, our friends started hollering "DEVOTION"! And that's when my heart started beating faster and faster hoping Jo Koy doesn't really hear or understand who they're calling out. Jo Koy replied to the crowd "Devotion is here??? Well get the HELL UP HERE!" . I was like, "DAMN.. Here we go". So we all went up on stage and before we sang our usual chorus of "Girl it's You" when someone asks us to sing, Jo Koy went on the mic "This is a good way to end the night..." Those words made my night.
It felt good to get back on stage, bringing back old memories. Maybe we'll be able to do it again someday with our album in the works. But for now, go check out Jo Koy any chance you get. He's truly an amazing comedian.
Jo Koy keep doing what you do and we're here to support you!
- EC


  1. Must have been a great show! Good to see you guys that night, even for only a few minutes. And glad Richmond got in! :)

  2. Thanks Lissette - It was great seeing you and everyone else! Yeah, Richmond got in, but I won't share how he got in..haha, ask him next time you see him! : )