Thursday, February 25, 2010

Half Life & Half Fiction by JP riturban

The greatest inspiration for any song is life itself, but sometimes its just good story telling. I've been fortunate enough to write some songs and it was a mix of half life and half fiction. People would asked me who "brenda" was and i would tell them it was never based on anyone and it was just a song I came up one day. But if you were to ask me about our new song "For now I'm loving you", I would tell you I wrote that song shortly after my breakup with my first girlfriend. Its a song about loving a person even after the relationship was over because that's all you knew how to do for so long. It was a song in the vault for a while and Rodney did his usual magic and made a great Acapella arrangement for that song. Be sure to stay tuned for the next album to see the maturity we went through for over the last decade!

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