Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eric Does the Mud Run

Last year, we decided to do the mud run. The day finally came and this is a short video of what happened. Enjoy!

Mud Run 2009 from Eric Cruz on Vimeo.

Singing at Eric's wedding on Sept 27, 2008

Almost a year ago, Eric and Valerie tied the knot! Devotion of course had to make an appearance. And what an appropriate song to do with the first song they ever learned as a group - "Lean on Me"! Maybe in the future we'll be able to show the video clip!

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Cover of the Week" - A Most recent cover of one of our songs on youtube

I decided to see if there were any current videos of people covering any of our songs. And this was the newest video someone did a few days ago. Who knew that people are still doing our songs with this song, So Wonderful, being seven years old! That's pretty awesome!

The Beginning

Devotion blogging has officially started!