Saturday, January 30, 2010

Studio Session...

Hello all! Wanted to update you all on what's going on with Devotion. Today, i went in for a session at the good old "The Pad" recording studio. When i got there, an old friend of ours (wattup Roij!) was doing some work of his own with Rodney. We chatted for a bit then it was my turn to work. When i go in, I always have a cup of tea and a shot of crown. To me, the tea loosens up the voice and the shot calms the nerves. Did some run throughs then recorded my parts on a few songs. After went over some other songs i have to record for the next session. When i finished, we had an impromptu jam session. We jammed on some songs that we might add to the album. The album is looking good. We have over 20 songs we are working on. We cant wait for you all to hear them! Maybe next time we will post some video of us playing some new songs. Bye for now!


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